Synthesis and Colloquium Digital Libraries Update

Computer Architecture
Authors:  Akanksha Jain & Calvin Lin, The University of Texas at Austin
Keywords: hardware caches, cache replacement policies, cache hit rate, reducing memory latency, reducing memory traffic
Abstract: This book summarizes the landscape of cache replacement policies for CPU data caches. The emphasis is on algorithmic issues, so the authors start by defining a taxonomy that places previous policies into two broad categories, which they refer to as coarse-grained and fine-grained policies. > Download eBook PDF
Data Management
Authors:  Goetz Graefe
Keywords: concurrency, concurrency control, database, update, transaction, serializability, phantom protection, locking, index, b-tree, key-range locking, key-value locking, deadlock avoidance, lock acquisition sequence, pessimistic concurrency control, optimistic concurrency control, validation, timestamps, snapshot isolation
Abstract: Traditional locking techniques can be improved in multiple dimensions, notably in lock scopes (sizes), lock modes (increment, decrement, and more), lock durations (late acquisition, early release), and lock acquisition sequence (to avoid deadlocks). Even if some of these improvements can be transferred to optimistic concurrency control, notably a fine granularity of concurrency control with serializable transaction isolation including phantom protection, pessimistic concurrency control is categorically superior to optimistic concurrency control, i.e., independent of application, workload, deployment, hardware, and software implementation. > Download eBook PDF
Human Language Technologies
Authors: Anders Søgaard, University of Copenhagen; Ivan Vulić,University of Cambridge; Sebastian Ruder, DeepMind; Manaal Faruqui,Google Assistant
Keywords: natural language processing, machine learning, semantics, cross-lingual learning
Abstract: The majority of natural language processing (NLP) is English language processing, and while there is good language technology support for (standard varieties of) English, support for Albanian, Burmese, or Cebuano—and most other languages—remains limited. Being able to bridge this digital divide is important for scientific and democratic reasons but also represents an enormous growth potential. A key challenge for this to happen is learning to align basic meaning-bearing units of different languages. > Download eBook PDF
Information Concepts, Retrieval, and Services
Authors: Jiqun Liu & Chirag Shah, Rutgers University
Keywords: interactive information retrieval, user studies, faceted approach, evaluation, controlled laboratory study, field study, human-information interaction, information seeking and retrieval, user study reporting practice
Abstract: Since user study design has been widely applied in search interactions and information retrieval (IR) systems evaluation studies, a deep reflection and meta-evaluation of interactive IR (IIR) user studies is critical for sharpening the instruments of IIR research and improving the reliability and validity of the conclusions drawn from IIR user studies. To this end, we developed a faceted framework for supporting user study design, reporting, and evaluation based on a systematic review of the state-of-the-art IIR research papers recently published in several top IR venues (n=462). > Download eBook PDF
Mathematics and Statistics
Authors: Daniel J. Arrigo, University of Central Arkansas
Keywords: nonlinear partial differential equations, compatibility, differential substitutions, point and contact transformations, first integrals, functional separability
Abstract: This is an introduction to methods for solving nonlinear partial differential equations (NLPDEs). After the introduction of several PDEs drawn from science and engineering, the reader is introduced to techniques used to obtain exact solutions of NPDEs. The chapters include the following topics: Compatibility, Differential Substitutions, Point and Contact Transformations, First Integrals, and Functional Separability. > Download eBook PDF
Authors: Alexander G. Ramm
Keywords: direct scattering, inverse obstacle scattering, numerical analysis, non-over-determined data
Abstract:  It is proved in this book that the data (), known for all in an open subset of ², determines uniquely the surface and the boundary condition on . This condition can be the Dirichlet, or the Neumann, or the impedance type. > Download eBook PDF
Mechanical Engineering
Authors: Stephen C. Hirtle, University of Pittsburgh
Keywords: cognitive maps, Geographic Information Science, GIScience, Geographic Information Systems, GIS, Global Positioning Systems, GPS, information visualization, landmarks, maps, navigation, privacy, regions, routes, social networks, spatial awareness
Abstract: This fourth book in the series contains eight topics of Advanced Kinetics, which is the branch of Mechanics that is concerned with the analysis of motion of both particles and rigid bodies with reference to the cause of the motion. This book is targeted to undergraduate students of the junior/senior level as well as graduate students majoring in science and engineering.
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