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1. Fracture properties of foods: Experimental considerations and applications to mastication Swackhamer, C., Bornhorst, G.M. 2019 Journal of Food Engineering, 263, pp. 213-226.
2. Proteomic study of the membrane components of signalling cascades of Botrytis cinerea controlled by phosphorylation Escobar-Niño, A., Liñeiro, E., Amil, F., (…), Sabidó, E., Fernández-Acero, F.J. 2019 Scientific Reports, 9(1), art. no. 9860.
3. Future nitrogen availability and its effect on carbon sequestration in Northern Eurasia Kicklighter, D.W., Melillo, J.M., Monier, E., Sokolov, A.P., Zhuang, Q. 2019 Nature Communications, 10(1), art. no. 3024.
4. Computing the composite coefficient of restitution for inelastic impact of dissimilar bodies Stronge, W.J., Sofi, A.R., Ravani, B. 2019 International Journal of Impact Engineering, 133, art. no. 103333.
5. A cross-cultural analysis of children’s vegetable preferences Estay, K., Pan, S., Zhong, F., Capitaine, C., Guinard, J.-X. 2019 Appetite, 142, art. no. 104346.
6. Machine learning algorithms towards merging of mobile edge computing and Internet of Things Manogaran, G., Chilamkurti, N., Hsu, C.-H. 2019 Computer Networks, 161, pp. 249-250.
7. Retinoid X receptor-mediated neuroprotection via CYP19 upregulation and subsequent increases in estradiol synthesis Ishihara, Y., Sakurai, H., Oguro, A., (…), Vogel, C.F.A., Yamazaki, T. 2019 Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 193, art. no. 105421.
8. Inhaled nebulized nitrite and nitrate therapy in a canine model of hypoxia-induced pulmonary hypertension Cortés-Puch, I., Sun, J., Schechter, A.N., (…), Natanson, C., Piknova, B. 2019 Nitric Oxide – Biology and Chemistry, 91, pp. 1-14.
9. Walnut (Juglans regia L.) kernel postharvest deterioration as affected by pellicle integrity, cultivar and oxygen concentration Ortiz, C.M., Vicente, A.R., Fields, R.P., (…), Donis-Gonzalez, I., Crisosto, C.H. 2019 Postharvest Biology and Technology, 156, art. no. 110948.
10. Liquefaction Evaluation of Interbedded Soil Deposit: Çark Canal in 1999 M7.5 Kocaeli Earthquake Boulanger, R.W., Munter, S.K., Krage, C.P., Dejong, J.T. 2019 Journal of Geotechnical and Geoenvironmental Engineering, 145(9), art. no. 05019007.
11. Agent-based socio-hydrological modeling for restoration of Urmia Lake: Application of theory of planned behavior Pouladi, P., Afshar, A., Afshar, M.H., Molajou, A., Farahmand, H. 2019 Journal of Hydrology, 576, pp. 736-748.
12. Resistance to Pratylenchus brachyurus in Vitis species population through multivariate approaches and mixed models dos Santos, P.R., Viana, A.P., Gomes, V.M., (…), Rodrigues, R., Walker, M.A. 2019 Scientia Agricola, 76(5), pp. 424-433.
13. Nonuniqueness of Weak Solutions to the SQG Equation Buckmaster, T., Shkoller, S., Vicol, V. 2019 Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, 72(9), pp. 1809-1874.
14. Digital Background Calibration of a Split Current-Steering DAC Stoops, D.J., Kuo, J., Hurst, P.J., Levy, B.C., Lewis, S.H. 2019 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 66(8), art. no. 8672599, pp. 2854-2864.
15. Integrated Output Matching Networks for Class-J/J-1 Power Amplifiers Alizadeh, A., Hassanzadehyamchi, S., Medi, A. 2019 IEEE Transactions on Circuits and Systems I: Regular Papers, 66(8), art. no. 8705659, pp. 2921-2934.
16. Pharmacotherapy in bronchiolitis at discharge from emergency departments within the Pediatric Emergency Research Networks: a retrospective analysis Jamal, A., Finkelstein, Y., Kuppermann, N., (…), Benito, J., Schuh, S. 2019 The Lancet Child and Adolescent Health, 3(8), pp. 539-547.
17. Twenty-three unsolved problems in hydrology (UPH)–a community perspective Blöschl, G., Bierkens, M.F.P., Chambel, A., (…), Yilmaz, K.K., Zhang, Y. 2019 Hydrological Sciences Journal, 64(10), pp. 1141-1158.
18. Combinatorics of proanthocyanidins in wine Cave, J.R., Waterhouse, A.L. 2019 Analyst, 144(14), pp. 4395-4399.
19. Temporally and Spatially Distinct Thirst Satiation Signals Augustine, V., Ebisu, H., Zhao, Y., (…), Tian, L., Oka, Y. 2019 Neuron, 103(2), pp. 242-249.e4.
20. Narrative assessments with first grade Spanish-English emergent bilinguals spontaneous versus retell conditions Lucero, A., Uchikoshi, Y. 2019 Narrative Inquiry, 29(1), pp. 137-156.
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