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1. Time-of-flight resolved light field fluctuations reveal deep human tissue physiology Kholiqov, O., Zhou, W., Zhang, T., Du Le, V.N., Srinivasan, V.J. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 391.
2. Regulation and Maturation of the Shewanella oneidensis Sulfite Reductase SirA Brockman, K.L., Shirodkar, S., Croft, T.J., Banerjee, R., Saffarini, D.A. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 953.
3. Co-existence of PrPD types 1 and 2 in sporadic Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease of the VV subgroup: phenotypic and prion protein characteristics Cali, I., Puoti, G., Smucny, J., (…), Appleby, B.S., Gambetti, P. 2020 Scientific Reports, 10(1), art. no. 1503.
4. Emergence of pseudogap from short-range spin-correlations in electron-doped cuprates Boschini, F., Zonno, M., Razzoli, E., (…), Jones, D.J., Damascelli, A. 2020 npj Quantum Materials, 5(1), art. no. 6.
5. Mutational signatures in tumours induced by high and low energy radiation in Trp53 deficient mice Rose Li, Y., Halliwill, K.D., Adams, C.J., (…), Adams, D., Balmain, A. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 394.
6. Distinct temporal integration of noradrenaline signaling by astrocytic second messengers during vigilance Oe, Y., Wang, X., Patriarchi, T., (…), McHugh, T.J., Hirase, H. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 471.
7. Isolation of Angola-like Marburg virus from Egyptian rousette bats from West Africa Amman, B.R., Bird, B.H., Bakarr, I.A., (…), Towner, J.S., Lebbie, A. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 510.
8. Rad50 zinc hook functions as a constitutive dimerization module interchangeable with SMC hinge Tatebe, H., Lim, C.T., Konno, H., (…), Uchihashi, T., Furukohri, A. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 370.
9. Human and mouse essentiality screens as a resource for disease gene discovery Cacheiro, P., Muñoz-Fuentes, V., Murray, S.A., (…), Urban, R., Kane, C. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 655.
10. FAM222A encodes a protein which accumulates in plaques in Alzheimer’s disease Yan, T., Liang, J., Gao, J., (…), Zhu, X., Wang, X. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 411.
11. Functional brain architecture is associated with the rate of tau accumulation in Alzheimer’s disease Franzmeier, N., Neitzel, J., Rubinski, A., (…), Fargher, K., Raj, B.A. 2020 Nature Communications, 11(1), art. no. 347.
12. Enabling performance and security simulation studies of intelligent traffic signal light control with VENTOS-HIL Ching, B., Amoozadeh, M., Chuah, C.-N., Zhang, H.M., Ghosal, D. 2020 Vehicular Communications, 24, art. no. 100230.
13. Effects of sustained hyperprolactinemia in late gestation on mammary development of gilts Caron, A., Palin, M.F., Hovey, R.C., (…), Laforest, J.P., Farmer, C. 2020 Domestic Animal Endocrinology, 72, art. no. 106408.
14. Machine learning algorithm as a diagnostic tool for hypoadrenocorticism in dogs Reagan, K.L., Reagan, B.A., Gilor, C. 2020 Domestic Animal Endocrinology, 72, art. no. 106396.
15. Inactivation of foodborne pathogens based on synergistic effects of ultrasound and natural compounds during fresh produce washing Zhang, H., Wang, S., Goon, K., (…), Wrenn, S., Tikekar, R.V. 2020 Ultrasonics Sonochemistry, 64, art. no. 104983.
16. Assessment of soluble epoxide hydrolase activity in vivo: A metabolomic approach Stefanovski, D., Shih, P.-A.B., Hammock, B.D., Watanabe, R.M., Youn, J.H. 2020 Prostaglandins and Other Lipid Mediators, 148, art. no. 106410.
17. Structural response of concrete pavement slabs under hygrothermal actions Mateos, A., Harvey, J., Bolander, J., (…), Paniagua, J., Paniagua, F. 2020 Construction and Building Materials, 243, art. no. 118261.
18. Top 100 most cited articles in orthopaedic surgery: An update: Updated top 100 orthopaedic articles Lum, Z.C., Pereira, G.C., Giordani, M., Meehan, J.P. 2020 Journal of Orthopaedics, 19, pp. 132-137.
19. Molecular mechanisms of posaconazole- and itraconazole-induced pseudohyperaldosteronism and assessment of other systemically used azole antifungals Beck, K.R., Telisman, L., van Koppen, C.J., Thompson, G.R., Odermatt, A. 2020 Journal of Steroid Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, 199, art. no. 105605.
20. Fecal metatranscriptomics and glycomics suggest that bovine milk oligosaccharides are fully utilized by healthy adults Westreich, S.T., Salcedo, J., Durbin-Johnson, B., (…), Barile, D., Lemay, D.G. 2020 Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, 79, art. no. 108340.
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